Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley

PO Box 477, Simi Valley, CA  93062


History and Traditions


  The following is a list of information regarding the Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley.  Many of these
  operational aspects have been around since the early days of the club.

  •        The Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley was founded in November, 1965.

  •        The membership of the club is close to 100 persons, with approximately 40 attending each Wednesday morning breakfast meeting. We have a "Kiwanis, Too" membership option for those who cannot attend morning meetings - with a monthly "Kiwanis After Hours" evening social/meeting to accommodate their schedules.

  •        The Club's major fundraiser is our annual country music festival: Round*Up - A Rock 'n' Country Music Extravaganza held at the picturesque Rancho Simi Community Park. Also included under the Round-up banner are our Cowboys and Cabernet wine, craft beer, and food tasting event, and Dance at the Ranch dinner-dance in the barn at the incomparable Hummingbird Nest Ranch.

  •        Proceeds from our fundraisers are distributed to organizations approved by the Board of Directors. 

  •        A Board Of Directors governs the club along with the club's elected officers. Seven directors are elected to (staggered) two-year terms.

  •        Officers include the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

  •        The President, President-Elect, and Vice President serve a one-year term. The Treasurer and Secretary may serve multiple consecutive years.

  •        Dues are billed monthly and include $11.00 to Kiwanis International and the California-Nevada-Hawaii District, plus the cost of breakfast.

  •        The club awards seven scholarships annually to deserving high school seniors.

  •        The club presents the "Hope of America" award to one deserving 6th grade student in 17 of the area's public elementary schools and to one 8th grade student at each of the three middle schools. We also present one award at each of two private schools in Simi Valley.

  •        The club sponsors two Key Clubs at Simi Valley and Royal High Schools; four Builder's Clubs at Valley View, Hillside, and Sinaloa Middle Schools and the Simi Valley Boys and Girls Club; and five K-Kids Clubs at Arroyo, Big Springs, Knolls, Hollow Hills Fundamental, and Township Elementary Schools. The club also co-sponsors an Aktion Club for adults with "different-abilities" so they too can give back to their community.

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Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley
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