In order to support the many projects that Lincoln Center Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, we encourage each member to join one or more of the committees.

To report attendance and time on committee work, report to the secretary or send a message on the "contact us" form clear at the bottom, be sure to identify the activity and date.

Name Chairs Description
100th Anniversary
Helzer, Norm
Williamson, Dayle
This Committee was established to plan the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Kiwanis Club of Lincoln for 2019. Recommendations will be made to the Board of Directors for final approval. This Committee will also serve a major role in organizing the event with the assistance of other club members
Agr and Env/sub - Farm City Breakfast
Helzer, Norm
Williamson, Dayle
Div 21-22 Kiwanis Clubs of Lancaster County annual, Tuesday before Thanksgiving, 6;30 A.M. 2015 Sunrise 2016 Northeast 2017 Waverly 2018 Lincoln Center 2019 cornhusker 2020 Capital City
Agriculture and Environment
Kucera, Mike
Implements projects on conservation, community beautification, rural/urban relationships, soils, clean air, clean water and water saving measures. Work projects include Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center and Arboretum maintenance, Hilltop Girl Scout Center, the Indian Center, Spring Creek Prairie, Lighthouse gardening, school yard environmental improvements and school gardens, 4-H scholarships, Farm/City Breakfast, the Earth Wellness Festival, State Fair Wastebuster and Premier Science awards, Elementary Schools Soil Learning project and soils information for others.
Board Exec
Chambers, Kristi
Board Officers
Board of Directors
Chambers, Kristi
President: Kristi Chambers President elect: Marissa Gill-Keyser Vice President: Ryan Ohs Past President: Larry Graham Secretary: Sandra Williamson Asst. Secretary: Dayle Williamson Treasurer: Monica Geng The board provides general management of the club not otherwise delegated to the membership. Assures the club complies with applicable governmental rules and regulations. Assures and approves the good standing of members in accordance with club policy. Performs duties as provided in the bylaws and club policy.
Distinguished Service Award (DSA)
Fitzsimmons, Robert
Williamson, Dayle
Chair: Dayle Williamson Bob FitzSimmons Select award winners and schedule related events.
Eliminate Kiwanis International Project
Fitzsimmons, Robert
Prettyman, Keith
The Committee charged with getting donations for the International project.
Finance Committee
Chambers, Kristi
Develop and submit annual budget for administration and service accounts and present to the board of directors. Link to LCK Service Checkbook: Link to LCK Administrative checkbook: LCK Administrative Checkbook:
Football Parking Fundraiser
Carr, James
Nielsen, Armon
Three hours before three home game collect fees and park cars. Parking fees, $18.00, club receives $9.00.
Golf - Fundraiser
Anderson, David
Annual Golf Fundraiser held in May or June. One of two major fundraisers of the year with the Pancake Festival. Volunteers are always needed before the event to gain sponsorships, raffle items and flag prizes. The day of the event volunteers are needed to help at the event for various administration needs.
Golf/Sub - League
Nielsen, Armon
Historical and Archives
Sherwood, James
Organize historical papers and keep history of the Club
House & Reception
Rezac, Irene
Collection of money at each meeting. Prepare the room for the meeting with the name tags, Bell, Banners, Song Books, Greeters.,Birthdays. Member sign-in sheets/attendance. Pick up song books, etc. for weekly storage.
Human and Spiritual Values
Caldwell, Bill
Provide invocations at the meetings. Involved with community in possible projects. Coordinates visits to homebound and hospitalized members.
InterClub Coordinators
Williamson, Dayle
Coordinates club InterClubs
Prettyman, Keith
All Kiwanis Clubs have been requested to develop an I-Plan. This is another title for a Strategic Plan. The plan will focus on community needs and sharpen goals to assure efficient use of time and money. A tracking system will follow the accomplishments and reports will be rendered to Kiwanis International. Club members note – What is an I-Plan? – It is the Kiwanis International recommendation for a Strategic Planning tool. All Kiwanis Clubs have been asked to look at their strengths, their weaknesses, their threats and their opportunities. The planning effort has been divided in to four “I’s”, INSPIRATION, IMPACT, IMAGE and INVESTMENT. Clubs have been asked to complete the planning effort by the end of the current Kiwanis year. Under the leadership of past President, Keith Prettyman, the Lincoln Center Club has a concentrated effort underway to assure a sound plan for the pathway to the future. Several very dedicated committee members meet biweekly to lend their expertise for plan development. The committee has also developed an effective outreach program to insure input from club members to assure a practical, forward-looking plan with widespread club support. Implementation of the plan and adhering to the club goals will prove essential to maintain the long-term excellence rating experience of the Lincoln Center Kiwanis Club.
Lincoln Kiwanis Foundation
Fitzsimmons, Robert
Our 501C3 Foundation to accept and distribute gifted money. President - Bob FitzSimmons Vice President - David Rasmussen Treasurer - David Oseka (not a voting member) Secretary - Shirley Deehardt
Membership Committee
Millnitz, Roger
Meets to devlope plans to recruit new members. Has a secondary mission of retaing members. Contacts potential members. Plans social events to encourage membership.
Music Committee
Anderson, David
Provide leadership for the singing at the Friday meetings. Support music within the community.
One Hundreth Anniversary
Helzer, Norm
Williamson, Dayle
The committee was established to provide advice to the Board of Directors regarding a celebration of the Kiwanis Club of Lincoln (Lincoln Center) as the club reaches the 100th Anniversary. Club 00065, since 3-21-1919.
Pancake Festival Fundraiser
Ohs, Ryan
Annual Pancake Fundraiser held in the fall each year. Each member is asked to sell 25 tickets to the public to get the event off to a rolling start. Corporate packages are also available to sell. The committee is set to organize the event ahead of time and run smoothly during the day of the event. Volunteers are needed to do various duties from setting up, serving and cleaning up at the end.
Program Committee
Rasmussen, David
Chair: David Rasmussen Members meet and agree to secure programs for one month of the year. The committee discusses choices and helps with approval or denial of programs. MONTHLY PROGRAM RESPONSIBILITES: Jan. Jim Berg - Feb. Leah Kolar - Mar. Jim Schiefelbein - Apr. Marv Ehly - May Armon Nielsen - June David Rasmussen - July Ty Westover - Aug. Brian Kujath - Sept. Bob FitzSimmons - Oct. Roger Millnitz - Nov. Michelle Svarez - Dec. David Anderson Friday programs for the month are posted on the website a month prior and programs for the month are provided to the Neighborhood Extra the last week in the month for the following months programs. Dayle Williamson is in charge of the posting and providing the information for publication.
Public Relations Committee
Kolar, Leah
Assists leadership and provides guidance for information sharing with members and the public. Assists all committees with publicity for events, programs and activities. Assures timely web page and Face Book updates.
Service Leadership Programs
Muckel, Gary
This committee has the responsibility for budgeting and coordinating K-Kids, Key Club, Builders Clubs, and Key Leader Camp attendees including reporting activities to the club secretary and members.
SLP sub Key Club
Holmes, Akeem
The Zoo School Key Club is a sub committee of the Service Leadership Programs committee. Kiwanis Advisors assist the Key Club operations as needed and communicate and coordinate with the SLP committee
YAP - Youth Activities and Programs
Klucas, Robert
Parent committee of many sub committees with programs and projects directed at age 5-18 youth.
YAP/sub - Backpack
Hammer, Dwight
Pack & distribute backpacks at Everett Elementary on Fridays.
YAP/Sub - Bike Rodeo
Anderson, David
Bartos, Lorene
Sponsor and manage bike rodeo
YAP/sub - Cub Scouts
Kujath, Brian
Pack 404 help
YAP/sub - Everett ELL students
Helzer, Linda
Listen to ELL students on Fridays at Everett help them learn their word lists.
YAP/sub - Kiwanis Karnival
Bartos, Lorene
In cooperation with 4-H clubs; a fun night at an Elementary School
YAP/sub - TeamMates /JR. Achiev
Klucas, Robert
Working with the TeamMates program to mentor a youth with weekly visits. Present Economic lessons in the classroom.
YCP1 - Young Children Priority 1
Bartos, Lorene
Chair: Lorene Bartos Read to HeadStart Excite classrooms 4 times and each child gets to take home the book that was read to them.
Zoo Committee
Pearson, Al
supports the projects and activities of the Lincoln Children's Zoo.
Zoo/Sub - Train
Budka, JIM
Provide rides on the Lincoln Children's Zoo Train! See Jim Budka for details.