2017 Mid-Year Conference Rally

February 3, 6pm-9pm Date Night

February 4, 7:30am-4:30pm


Please join Governor Jim Dane as we celebrate the GREATness of the NE-IA Kiwanis District.  Our celebration will be at the Holiday Inn, 2202 River Road, Council Bluffs, IA,  712-322-5050 for overnight accommodations.  Our special room rate is $92.95, please mention NE-IA Kiwanis for the special rate. To make reservations for the conference rally please see below.

Continental breakfast and hot lunch will be provided.

Event Registration
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Mail-In Registration

Reservations open December 23st and close January 26th.

Mid-Year Conference 2017 Agenda. 2/3-2/4/17

Friday 2/3/17

9:00-11:45                            Board of Trustee Meeting - Abraham Lincoln Boardroom

12-1:00                                  Lunch for BOT, Lt Governors and Spouses – Heartland Ballroom

1:00-4:45                              Lt Governor Meeting – Lewis & Clark B

1:00-4:45                              New Club Opener Training – Kanesville Room

1:00-4:45                              Foundation Meeting – Lewis & Clark A

3:30-4:45                              Past Governor Meeting – Abraham Lincoln Boardroom

6:00-9:00                              Date Night Dinner - Heartland Ballroom

Saturday 2/4/17

7:30-9:00                              Continental Breakfast (with Coffee served until 10:30) - General Dodge Room

9:00-9:15                              Housekeeping and Administrative announcements – Heartland Ballroom

9:15-9:35                              Governor Jim and his vision for the 16-17 Year

9:35-9:55                              Membership Presentation by Bob Mitchell, Jan Burch and Andy Webb

9:55-10:15                            Summary of the I-Plan {this is the WHO part, the HOW is in the PM} –  NE-IA District Strategic Planners

10:15-10:30                         Break

10:30- 10:50                         Eliminate - - - the Good News and new program – Milford and Lenora Hanna

10:50-11:00                         Hunger Presentation – Minda Davison

11:00- 11:30                         Foundation Awards and grants {how club grants will be used}  Vicki Roberts

                                                  Camp OK presentation – Jack Schinstock

                                                  Formula Awards – Bob Mitchell, Jan Burch and Andy Webb

11:30-11:45                         15-16 Awards Presented by Past Governor Jody Melcher

   Distinguished Secretary 15-16

                                                       Distinguished Club 15-16

                                                       Distinguished Lt Gov. 15-16

11:45-11:50                         Election of Trustees for Region 5 & 6             

11:50-12:00                         Break to view exhibits in hallway [Lunch Set up]

12-1:00                                  Lunch – Heartland Ballroom - - - Signature Project Slide Show explanation

12-1:00                                  Past Lt Governors meeting during lunch – in Kanesville Room

1:00-1:20                              Barb Thompson and Brad Boyd Kiwanis International Updates

1:20-3:00                              Strategic Planning “How it’s done”

1:20-3:00                              Membership meeting for Membership Chairs – Lewis & Clark A

3:00-3:10                              Break Beverages and Cookies in General Dodge

3:30-4:30                              Partnership presentation by Mark Hall (with partners giving 3-5 minutes of Who Am I’s) – Heartland Ballroom

Circle K

Saturday all day and Sunday morning  will be meeting in Lewis & Clark B

Saturday evening Banquet – Kiwanians are invited, please make reservations with DS Barb O’Donnell